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About Doc Halloween

I have placed a lot of me into building "Dot Com 4 You". I guess I could come up with a few more things to say about myself.

I was born in 1969 as a Gemini male. I weigh 165 lbs. and I am 5 foot 8 inches tall. I have brown hair and green eyes. I have Autolycus style (a short thin mustache and small triangle soul patch) beard.

I have lived near the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia all my life. I loved to move to the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, or Alaska) or Canada one day.

I am a Christian first and foremost. Without God and Jesus I would never have made it as far as I have. Many times I have asked for help and many times I was given it. I owe THEM my heart, soul, life, love, and service.

A Native American I am. I am 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Blackfoot. My totem is Deer.

Let me tell you about Deer that I follow. Deer is graceful, gentle, and sensitive. People with "Deer Medicine" are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often appearing to have well developed, even extra sensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening. Just as the deer bounds from one place to another, a person with Deer Medicine often moves quickly from one situation to another, often never staying long enough in one place to get a "full meal."

My hobbies vary depending on the mood I am in. I love building web pages as my biggest hobby. I have been building them for 10 years. I play computer games (mostly war games). I read fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks. I also enjoy going to the theater to watch a wide variety of films except sub-titles.

Professionally I am a social worker. I hold other degrees in architecture, drafting, and mental health.

Favorite Color................Purple

Role Model....The late actor John Wayne and my Paw-paw

Favorite Music....New age, Techno, New Swing, Bluegrass, and Big Band, 80's, Native American

Favorite Radio Station....Q99 FM Roanoke, VA Best 80's, 90's and Today's Mix

Favorite TV Station....WDBJ 7 Roanoke, VA

Favorite Movie....Radio; The Family Man; The Village; and just about any World War II movie

Favorite Book....Shadowrun novels and Forgotten Realms novels; lets not forget the Holy Bible

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is Doc Halloween your real name? No. It is my web name. I am known as Doc Halloween on many web sites around the world. To keep safe on the web I use a allis and (as you should do) keep important private information to myself and not on the web.

02. Why have you changed from the Halloween theme to this new comic-book style theme? After 10 years of building web sites I wanted a fresh look. Before the Halloween theme I used to have other styles. The comic-book style of today fits better with the information I have to share with you.

03. Do you not like Halloween anymore? I have done much soul searching and praying about this subject. I fell that the Lord says the way I celebrate Halloween is OK. So my Halloween pages are back up and running.

04. Why have you gone religious all of a sudden? I have always been a Christian. I have made it plain on several of my web pages in the past. Recent events in my life and gaining some knowledge have prompted me to look at the way I impart information to you. God has been so good to me and blessed me over the years that I thought I could return His love, in some small way, and share His message with others.

05. The military pages are missing? Yes they are. Due to the events of the past few years (9-11-2001) I have decided to take the military pages off-line. The strategies and tactics, though outdated, could give someone an idea. I had information about snipers, and due to the Washington DC tragedy I thought it wise to remove any information that would give someone the wrong idea. Go out and research military strategies and tactics and play war games yourself and you will gain what I have learned on your own.

06. Some of the frequencies on your scanner page are outdated. Do you have new ones? No. I sold my scanner 7 years ago and no longer look for new frequencies. However, I am new to listening to the short-wave radio and may make information available to you about that in the future.

07. Do you have scanner frequencies for other areas? No. All the frequencies I had are on my web page.

08. Can I use the images on your web site? No. All images belong to me (Doc Halloween), except where I state otherwise. I do not like my images used anyplace other than my web site.

09. Can we exchange links? Oh yes. I would love to exchange links with my visitors. I will soon be placing a special guests page up of those that would like to exchange links with me.

10. Would you give me your view on...(whatever)? Well not really. The view I have on any subject is expressed in my web page. Anything I know, feel, or care to share about a subject on my web site is placed in the information. Any other views I have are either private or I do not care to express at the moment. If I receive an email that I think warrants further discussion I may do so in the reply back to the email.

11. What kind of creature is Dot and Dotty? They are not normal creatures as you have noticed. They are in actuality dots (.). As for their gender, Dot is male (that is why he is blue) and Dotty is female (that is why she is pink).

12. Do you answer emails visitors send to you? Yes and no. In the past I have answered SOME emails sent to me. I am very busy but I have made a commitment to try and be loyal to my visitors for now on. If you take the time to send me an email I will make every possible effort to answer it. Please remember to provide an email addy back to you (some people do not and I can not answer your email without one).

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